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Seven Spice is back!

by Sonia on September 10, 2010

Hello there,

Hope you are well-n-good. The Seven Spice is back after (almost) 7 weeks! I’ve valid reasons for unexpected down time for website. As soon as I shut my website down, I fell sick and totally out of virtual world. The life was totally dull yet busy, and that’s one more reason I couldn’t able to look at my site and re-open it. Plus, there was huge mess and chaos in back-end of my site, so I was unable to bring back to old template.

Just few days ago, I started this website’s customization and finally finished it. Yeah, you may find many flaws here and there and will do with time. I won’t close my site again, of course. Thank you for your patient!

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all!!!

Talk soon!


  • Hi Sonia, I see lots of delicious things here on your site. It’s looking really good and it’s nice to know that you are back.

    • Sonia

      Welcome Ileane! Thanks for your kind words dear. You made my day! :)

  • Sonia, good to see you back. The site design looks good. Like you subscribe icons.

    • I meant to say your subscribe icons look cool :)

      • Sonia

        Thank you Indo. You’re so warm! :)

  • Raghavendra

    Sonia – glad to see you back! Take care.

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