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Google Reader is shutting down from 1st July 2013. How to follow this blog now?

by Sonia on June 27, 2013

Hello readers,

I meant to share this post with you a month or two ago but I’m so stuck with my life and family these days.

Before it’s too late let me tell you Google is closing down awesome service for Google Reader from July 1, 2013. It’s sad news for bloggers and all readers. If you’re using Google Reader then you know what I mean. But, there are already other options available out there to get updates from your all favourite blogs.

For my all RSS sub subscribers, I’ve found Feedly and Bloglovin’, both are really good alternatives so far. I’ve yet to find something for e-mail subscribers.

You can either choose Feedly or Bloglovin’.

1) Feedly

Feedly, is an app, can access your Google Reader account and aggregate your RSS subscriptions. Feedly is available as a web version, iOS app for iPhone, iPad and iPad mini and Android version. You can categorize your feeds into different segments just like Google Reader.

How to import your Google Reader account to Feedly?

It’s very simple to set up. To import your Google Reader feeds and categories to Feedly, simply login to Feedly using your Google account. Feedly will then automatically sync your Google Reader account within a few seconds. More details find HERE.


2) Bloglovin’

Bloglovin’ is another user interface to follow your favourite blogs. Bloglovin’ also has the ability to import your existing subscriptions from Google Reader quickly and easily by clicking HERE.

Follow my blog with Feedly

Follow my blog with Bloglovin


P.S. Please don’t forget to switch with either option before July 1st 2013. Thank you!


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