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Coming soon…coming soon!!!

by Sonia on June 30, 2009

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Dear all,

Sorry no food post today!

Last weekend, we saw this movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, what a kachda movie…! How do they even imagine a film and story with so much complication in its execution. The concept, the filming, the special effects, the massive involvement of the ingredients for the story. The US army, navy, air force, locations, etc. Goodness…it is a producers nightmare! I already knew…that’s not my cup of tea but being a good wife…accompanied with my dear hubby. :)

Well, I have been busy with rereading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, preparing for the upcoming release of the movie. A long- awaited film from Harry Potter fans. Being an ardent fan of Harry Potter chronicles, I have been awaiting for this film since ages. It was originally set to be released on December 2008 but was pushed back by eight and seven months to 15 July 2009, despite being completed. Arrrghhh….u know, how did I cut this long gap?? I was so disappointed and sulked to hear this news. And I had started to count months, days and now…days. Only 2 weeks to go. Huraaaaay! Yes…yes…we already have booked our tickets for comfy seats. :) I can’t wait till 15th July. Feeling so excited!!!:D

The Harry Potter series has always been a battle between hope and despair and the power of love against the chilly blackness of hate. The sixth part – Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is a gripping story with measure of sadness too. I was hooked from the first paragraph. The end is unforgettable and unexpected. J.K.Rowling has imagined and written down very well…especially the history of main antagonist Lord Voldemort. Mind blowing!!! Literally, when I was reading the book, at some points, I could feel my heart pounding fast and I could also feel my eyes growing wider and wider with the suspense and at some point, I cried too. Indeed! J.K. Rowling’s talent is evident. It’s best fictional book so far I have read in my life.

About the last and seventh part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,  is a long saga and film will be shotted into 2 parts to cover all unrevealed secrets of the story. This volume pulls together dozens of plot strands from previous volumes, underscoring how cleverly and carefully, Rowling has revealed this giant jigsaw puzzle in last installment. Don’t you think…Rowling is a great witch of this modern world? :)


  • I kinda liked Transformers even though am waiting for the HP movie!

    • so u surely r fire-fighter person.:P

  • SJ

    I hated transformers 1- slept off after the 1st half. J has decided to watch part 2 on CD- thank god! Never read J.K Rowling- doubt ever will :P

    • LOL…SJ, you won’t feel the magic of HP novels till you pick the HP book up. :) Gal, you r missing?!!

  • Transformers…arghh!! I would never bother to show my love to M by sitting and watching such a movie with him. I would rather shop while he is inside the theatre. Harry Potter I like…but I prefer the books and I tell you the last big book which looked like a Bible was really crap. I think J K Rowling lost her magic wand while writing it…All the best for July 15 and hope you guys come back from the movie without getting hit by a wand…

    • Sakski, I already jinxed by J K Rowling’s magic wand…and tht leading me to see a movie too. :) Yeah, the last book is big…but still I like except a few chapters.
      omg! you guys won’t go to see HP movie…will you?

  • hey i liked transformers, of course not loved it but was ok..who is not waiting for HR!!!

    • …yeah but some ppl like SJ don’t care about HP novels & movies though. ;)

  • I can’t wait to watch the movie either, and like you mentioned, you have to read the book for the real magic. The movies no matter how hard they try, stand no chance against our imagination :)

  • im no big harry potter or transformer fan but im definitely going to watch ice age today..dawn of the dinosaurs.the animation is amazing it seems, but storyline poor

  • So did you like it? I too am a huge Potter fan and read these books on the day they were released. Made P go early, stand in Q to pick up the books etc. I was extremely disappointed with teh movie. The story was retold and less fascinating. I felt like giving Mr.Yates a punch with that firebolt! What was the need to introduce the Burrow on fire when it isn’t there in the book? I felt the movie was made only for teens. Lots of focus on Ron’s love life and Potter’s craze for Ginny!

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