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Tomato Soup Recipe – an unusual one!

by Sonia on November 12, 2010

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During Diwali time I really really miss my home and family back in India. I had very precious and joyful diwali times in childhood. Do you ever have had deal with firecrackers? I had a lot. I never have had a fear of big bomb. In short, I enjoyed it fullest with my bro-sis. Sigh! now, our life has scattered us here and there. My lovely younger sister is another corner, my younger brother is also in different corner and so I am. My mom-dad in India desperately misses their children! Especially my mom! She feels a big void in her life. What can we do? Such a life…it must go on!

Long time back, I posted Mix Vegetable Pulav, where I did mention about Tomato Soup. Sometimes I like to change with food and love to break the usual pair. ;) In previous post, I’ve shared Gujarati Kadhi but you should try this soup too. It’s very very easy to make, can be done in minutes and yes, it’s very delicious and tasty.

Hope you like it!

Tomato Soup Recipe – an unusual one!
Tomato Soup Recipe: Recipe idea: Mom Cooking time: 10 mins Serves: 2
  • 3 medium tomato, roughly chopped
  • 3 C water
  • ½ tsp (less or more to your taste) black pepper powder, freshly crushed in mortal
  • 2 small bay leaves
  • Salt and sugar to taste
  • Seasoning/Tadka
  • 1 tsp Ghee
  • ½ tsp jeera/Cumin seeds
  • a pinch of hing/asafoetida
  1. Bring 3 cups of water and chopped tomatoes to boil on moderate heat. Add salt, bay leaves, freshly crushed black pepper powder and let it cook till tomato become soft and tender. It'll take about 10 mins, maximum.
  2. Add sugar to taste. Now, prepare seasoning. Heat ghee in a small pan, add cumin seeds, asafoetida and add this to tomato soup. Cover it with lid immediately. Remove from the heat and let the taste blend well. Serve hot with Mix Vegetable Pulav, Jeera rice, biryani or its own. Very tasty and healthy for you!

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