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Potato Curry Recipe – under 10 mins!

by Sonia on April 8, 2011

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Hello foodies,

What’s your favourite thing in your kitchen? Of course, it can be more than one. Mine is Indian Pressure Cooker! Almost every Indian woman posses this faithful appliance in her kitchen. I don’t even dream my life without it. I’ve total 3 pressure cookers, 1.5 liters, 3 liters and 5.5 liters. I use one of them almost everyday. The oldest one is 1.5 liters has been serving me a faithful service without any problem since 2004. Touch wood!

Note: If you already know what’s pressure cooker and how to use it best then you may skip this post. ;-)

If you’re under heavy impression that your pressure cooker could only boil the raw and pre-soaked legumes and lentils. Think again! I make very delicious curries in just one whistle ~ all and everything cooking time is under 10 minutes!! Many people don’t prefer to cook any curry or subji in pressure cooker to avoid all dull and vapid taste. Come on! It saves your copious amount of energy, time and money. If you cook with some handy trick you can have a very delicious curry in minutes. I’m sharing my simple and very easy Potato Curry here. Till meet my best kitchen buddies here. :-)

There are number of different brands and models like stainless steel, aluminium, hard anodised and non-stick variety are available in market. I have Prestige brand that you can see the jumbo stainless steel cooker  (5.5 liters) in above picture. While other two are from Tempo brand, (hard anodised body) 1.5 liters and 3 liters (handi shape) respectively. All are imported from India. I’ll add one more about 4 liters in my collection. :-) If you have a good friend from India ask/request them to bring one for you or you can find it on Amazon.

If you are first time user, go through your cooker manual and make sure you’ve read every page. The manual covers everything including how-to-use, operating instruction, tips, do and don’t and everything you need to know before you start. If you follow the manual or guidelines carefully you will be assured of years and years of trouble-free service. Once you got used to with it, you’ll regret that why you didn’t buy it before! I don’t stretch my fingers to type a long article on pressure cooker because everything is there in manual. :-)

Some tips from my experience:

  • Always ensure that the rubber gasket is free of grease and in good condition. Never stretch your gasket.
  • I always put the rubber gasket in freezer. It helps to last longer and tip-top condition. Other way, you can put in water, fully submerged. I find the earlier idea much easier.
  • Make sure your vent tube is clean and clear. Sometimes the small piece of peas, lentils or anything is got clogged and excess steam generated in the cooker will have no escape route. This will result in the safety valve getting fused. So, remove any blockage from vent tube.
  • Always check the safety valve and buy an extra piece as you never know when your valve will get fuse.
  • The Pressure Regulator/Weight must always be placed on the vent tube when the steam is released steadily from it.
  • Once your cooking is done, let your pressure cooker cool down. DO NOT tempt to open it immediately. Allow steam to escape at least for 10 minutes. Remove the pressure regulator after the steam has stopped and pressure inside subsides. You can use fork or spoon to lift up and allow to release the remaining steam.
  • Do not wash your cooker in dishwasher. Follow the care instructions and you’ll have guaranteed service from your product.

Here is an example what I made in pressure cooker. It hardly takes 10 minutes. Excluding the preparation and resting time.

I know you mouth is watering already! ;-)

Here you go for recipe. If you don’t have this appliance you still have another choice. I already have posted similar recipe here. Below I’ve written down the recipe again with using pressure cooker


Try this sometime. I even make potato-eggplant curry same way. And I always have a great result with big time and energy saving!

Didn’t I tell you I’m obsessed with cookbooks. Today, I have got one more parcel. :D It’s Clean Food by Terry Walters. I can’t wait to curl up in my bed and browse this book.

  • Pressure cooker cooking is like my everyday need…I rely on my hawkins 2 ltrs for all my curries, dals..it is just wonderful and I cant imagine my cooking with out it…:)
    even I hve 3 cookers 2ltr,5ltr,12ltr…ha ha..:)
    2l n 5 l r hawkins n 12ltrs is prestige…..2l is good for daily needs n 5l is good for party needs….
    and coming 2 d curry…it looks really delciious..love it..

    • Sonia

      Haha! I’m not alone to collect all sizes of cooker. :D Yes, I use my 5.5 liters if I have to feed a crowd. Thanks for your comment dear. :-)

  • An Indian girl’s kitchen is incomplete without cooker…I too have 3 different sizes of cooker…very handy when I am short of time…the potato curry looks delicious.

  • Curry in under 10 minutes is amazing! I wouldn’t have thought it possible. Looks amazing though Sonia!! I might have to look into investing in a pressure cooker some time in the future.

  • My mom used a pressure cooker all the time when I was growing up, but I never do. I guess I just never think of it. Thanks for reminding me.

  • The tips about pressure cooker is really very helpful. And the potato curry looks gorgeous with lovely colors!

  • wow sonia the aloo looks so yellow and amazing… pressure cooker is the indian cook’s best friend no??? this is going to be weekend b’fast for me yippie for the inspiration :)

  • Yummy looking potato curry

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  • Sssss

    When do u remove rubber gasket from freezer ? Just before using it?.. Or ???

    • Sonia

      Just before using it. You can attach the rubber gasket straight away from freezer.

  • amanda

    where is the recipe?

  • divya

    stop being sexist. men can cook to, stop excluding them from life’s basic tasks. poor males.

  • Simon Champion

    Where is the recipeeeeee?

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