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Classic Carrot Cake Recipe

11 October 2009
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  The other day, I was chatting with my London based friend K, she asked me to post a recipe for Carrot Cake. She told me that she had tried and tasted in Starbucks Coffee shop and totally loved it. So, she asked for recipe if I have any. I promised her to get back […]

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Bombay Vegetable Sandwich Recipe

30 September 2009
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This quick and no cooking sandwich goes as a snack, lunch or dinner in my home. The only thing is to prepare a versatile Green Chutney match perfect with this Vegetable Sandwich. Except the butter, this sandwich is very healthy and satisfying. Of course, you can use low-fat margarine or any other spread but nothing can beat […]

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Quick & Easy Microwave Peda Recipe

3 September 2009
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In India,  these days are very auspicious and full celebration of Ganapati Utsav and Goddess Amba – Bhadarvi Poonam (Full moon day). According to Hindu calendar,  the Ganapati Utsav starts from the 4th day of Hindu month namely, Bhadrapada (Gujarati calls Bhadarvo).  Another festival of Goddess Amba’s utsav/festival starts from 1st day of the Bhadrava month as […]

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Pav Bhaji Recipe

13 August 2009
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I know, I know I’ll post nothing new but very common yet everyone’s favourite street food recipe today. But still,  my version is slightly different from others. I already tried couple of Pav-bhaji recipes but finally ended up my Mom’s version which only give me fool-proof satisfaction. :) She does make a very beautiful and […]

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Sev Tameta nu shaak

17 July 2009
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This is super quick yet healthy recipe. If you run out of vegetables, this easy-peasy subji might help you out. This dish is regular and frequent in our menu, at least once in a month. You can use any kind of ready-made sev of your choice like Gathiya sev, Ratlami sev, Nylon sev, etc . Originally, it […]

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Coming soon…coming soon!!!

30 June 2009
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Image: Google Dear all, Sorry no food post today! Last weekend, we saw this movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, what a kachda movie…! How do they even imagine a film and story with so much complication in its execution. The concept, the filming, the special effects, the massive involvement of the ingredients for the story. The […]

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Spiral Cookies Recipe

11 June 2009
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This recipe is adopted from my new blogsphere friend SJ. When I saw this Spiral cookies on her blog…I fell instantly in love with it. However, I made them after long time due and finally I plucked up my courage and did it! My hubby’s eyes would start to roll when he saw these cute and beautiful […]

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