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Spicy Fusilli Pasta

29 March 2010
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Yes! we love to make our pasta with yellow-red-green colored capsicum variety but of course with the hint of Indian spices. Actually, my hubby taught me this simple pasta recipe. When I tasted first time I totally loved it. During his student life in Sydney he used to make this pasta dish at least once […]

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Dark Chocolate Almond Brownies Recipe

11 March 2010
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When I saw those cute brownies at Jugalbandi’s place I knew that I will be making it very very soon. Though, I am not big fan of brownies itself but He does love anything with dark chocolates. He can finish off anything that includes dark chocolates. He never forget to say his usual line that…”the […]

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Punjabi Chhole Recipe

3 March 2010
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For Chhole, I must say I have had tried at least dozen different methods and recipes. Every version and recipe has its own unique taste. I usually make 2 types Chhole with different methods. It depends what dish I am going to make. If I am making Aloo Tikki with Chhole Chaat or Samosa Chat, […]

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Chill out in summer with Shrikhand Poori!

3 February 2010
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Dear Readers, Do you like yum yum flavored yogurt? Yes…then you’ll like this Indianized flavored yogurt – Shrikhand. It’s simple Indian dessert made from strained yogurt adding sugar and spice like cardamom powder and saffron. You can add cashew, almonds, raisins or any fruit too. It is equally popular dessert among Gujarati and Maharashtrian families. […]

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Carrot Nuts Coffee Cake Recipe

29 January 2010
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Dear Readers, This time I will share you something healthy and nutritious cake/bar. I have been fan of Vcuisine blog of Viji Di. Since it’s private blog and only invited readers can access her blog. Let me tell you…her blog is full of healthy recipes with inspirational articles and quotes. I am a regular reader of […]

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Hearty Tomato Soup Recipe

18 January 2010
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Dear Readers, First, let me apologize for delay in posting. I am sorry for not posting any recipe in new year beginning. Actually, my past 3 weeks had been v.very busy with new website stuffs and other personal issues. Finally, however, you are seeing my new domain with new layout. I am really loving my new home very […]

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4 January 2010

Dear Readers, Happy New Year!!! Welcome all! I am halfway through to design my website which will be expected to complete soon. Please allow me some time to work over it. Thank you for your support and sweet words. :) I’ll be back soon. Stay tuned, Sonia

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