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Vegetables with Tofu n’ Spinach Recipe

31 May 2010
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Thanks heaps to Masterchef Australia! This season’s best program of channel 10 has kicked dear hubby off to our kitchen. The level of interest and enthusiasm for food has certainly sprung up and it’s fairly good for me, of course! ;) Last week, my hubby borrowed a book from his boss and that book was Curry Bible by […]

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Palak Da Saag Recipe | Palak (Spinach) with Tofu Recipe

19 May 2010
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This recipe was created on just sudden whim. When I saw this dish at Indira’ blog, I made up my mind to make it with available substitutes on hand. I had meant to prepare something for Nupur’s current MBP adaption event and here what I prepared something different ‘Palak Da Saag’. Yeah, because I hardly find mustard […]

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Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe

8 May 2010
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There was a package of organic peanut butter, lying in my fridge, needed to be used asap. Since I didn’t know how does it taste so I hesitantly licked slightly. hmm…not bad! Yes! I liked it. Well, I didn’t know what I was going to make. So I googled some recipes and checked my bookmarks […]

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Garlic Crust Pizza Recipe

30 April 2010
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If you are a garlic lover then you’ll love this pizza. This is another version of pizza from my hubby. I have posted our Veggie Delight Pizza before. I love my hubby’s handmade pizza as he just makes awesome and tasty pizza. Whenever we plan to make pizza at home, I would only have to make […]

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Pound Cake Recipe

20 April 2010
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Thanks heaps to all readers who stopped by here and left a sweet note on my blog anniversary!!! I really surprised to see all of yours comments and wishes and it was beyond my expectations! Anyway, many thanks again from my bottom of heart for your support and encouragement words! Today I will share you something […]

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Happy Birthday!!!

12 April 2010
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Today is my blog baby’s first birthday. A year back, I started my new adventure of my life. Of course, it’s been exciting and wonderful journey. I have got number of new friends and readers whom I never have had met in my life. After joining this wonderful blogging world, the level of my culinary […]

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Tadka Dal Recipe

8 April 2010
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I’m happy that my hubby has slowly developed his taste for all types of lentils and legumes. :) He used to say me that he was not a big fan of dal, kadhi or any lentils before. So, he meant he has survived all these years on few (choice) vegetables and fast foods. ;) At […]

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