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Homemade Fresh Whole Wheat Flour

by Sonia on February 27, 2013

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Hi friends,

Today, I’ll explain something about very basic thing of in Indian food.

Last year, I visited India and I managed to catch some (blurred) photographs of homemade wheat flour. Here, you can see how our mom back India make their fresh atta/flour.

wheat berries | seven spice

In India, most of the people grind their own atta using electric miller. In olden days, there were traditional stone grinder, is much stronger and heavier, and you need very good muscles power to rotate it. There is a stone-mill, lie in corner of my grandpa’s house where I spent my early childhood. It’s symbol and gift from our ancestors where the traditional stone-mill is almost disappeared in modern and high-tech world!

How the traditional stone grinder work:

Any grain would go into a hole in the middle of a huge stone disk, which rotates by hands. [I forgot to take a picture of it, my bad! :( but Google is here to help]. The ground meal falls away from the sides. You’ve fresh atta/flour on hand. What a sheer joy of handmade fresh flour. Plus, you’ll burn some good calories. I count it as one of gym accessories at home to sweat ;-)

whole wheat flour | seven spice

Nowadays, an electric grinder (in above picture) are easily available in market. My mom use the same. She would make all kind of fresh flours ( like wheat flour, besan/chickpea flour, millet flour, Amaranth flour, Dhokla flour and many more… ) once or twice in a month. In India, every year in March or April month, we bulk buy wheat berries direct from farmers. It’s long process to clean the wheat berries, but they lasts up to few years. I remember we used to help our mom to cleanse the wheat berries. It takes few days/weeks to remove all dirt, impurities and clean very well with sieve. And, then my mom would apply a warm coat of castor oil and store in huge air tight cast-iron container. This way wheat berries stays fresh and free from moulds and all bugs.

fresh whole wheat flour | seven spice

The fresh atta is ready to use. What a bliss of homemade food! I’m going to get one for myself from India when we finally settle to our own house. In following post, I’ll share how to make roti aka chapati at home. Stay tuned!

  • Oh my god, I want that electric mill. I have been thinking of buying a grain mill and your post is inspiring me once again. There is no comparison to the homemade atta. Thanks so much for sharing Sonia

    • Misha Kaur

      Radhika, I highly recommend purchasing the electric wonder mill. I personally own one and have gifted it as a house warming present many times. I order Hard Winter Wheat Berries (Gusto’s brand) from my local organic store and mill my own atta for roti. I mill just enough to fill the canister and store in the fridge and use within 3 days and mill up a fresh batch when needed in minutes.

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