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A review: Chasseur French Frypan

by Sonia on May 14, 2013

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Hi Friends,

No recipe today but will be posted soon!

Few weeks ago, Kitchenware Direct sent me a my choice of beautiful Chasseur French Blue Frypan for a review. Collecting bunch of cast-iron utensils in my arsenal is my dream and I’m doing one by one.

Chasseur company was new to me and was skeptical to try their products at first. But, my feeling was wrong. After a bit research I found this beautiful crêpe pan, that’s perfect for making dosa. And you might know that cast-iron pan is way healthier than non-stick pans. Finally, in last December, I bought myself Chasseur Crepe Pan.  And should I tell ya..? I get perfect golden brown and crispy dosa every time, no less than restaurant style. I’m glad I’d spent almost $100 for it and it’s worth every penny. I love everything about Chasseur pan and my Dosa lover husband could not happier than now :-)

Well, back to this beautiful French Frypan.

Chasseur French Frypan | 7spice

Chasseur offers a medium range products that I can afford. It’s been manufacturing quality enamelled iron cookware for over 75 years in small town of France. You probably know that French cuisine is famous for using cast-iron utensils in kitchen. The only drawback is the ‘value’. Most of cast-iron utensils are heavy weight and expensive as well.

Well, I was so curious to try my new pan. I made some Whole-wheat Oats Pancakes. {I made a huge batch of whole-wheat pancakes  mix for quick whip. Recipe will be posted in next posts, promise}. It gives nice charred effects to your dish. My pancakes came out nice golden colour, beautiful fluffy and soft with using just a little oil.

If you’re in serious business of making some lovely breakfast in morning for your family, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone. Grab one for yourself and you wont be sorry!

Wholewheat Oats Pancakes | 7spice

Disclaimer: As a courtesy from Kitchenware Direct, they sent me this product (my choice) for review. The opinion is my own and purely unbiased.

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