Homemade Yogurt with Aldi's Yogurt Maker
Recipe type: Basics
Learn how to make homemade yogurt with minimal efforts. It's hassle-free and easiest way to prepare at home.You never knew how it's easy, simple and cheap to make! Plus, it's rennet-free, gelatine-free and all additives-free.
  • 3 cups whole milk
  • a teaspoon of yogurt starter, at room temperature
  1. In clean saucepan pan pour 3 cups whole milk and gently bring it to first boil, stirring occasionally. Remove from the flame. Once it cooled down to finger touch warm (anywhere between 43-45 Cº /110-112 Fº) transfer it in clean plastic container that come with Aldi's yogurt maker.
  2. Now add a teaspoon of room temperature yogurt from my previous batch. Or simply use store-bought yogurt if you’re making it first time. Mix it throughly and close the container lid tightly. Alternatively, you can use yogurt mix sachet available in most supermarkets. Read and follow the instructions carefully before use.
  3. Pour boiling water (make sure you use boiling water) into the yogurt maker flask up to level line inside. Place the container and cover with lid immediately. Keep aside in cupboard or oven (NO! you don’t need to turn on the oven) for 4-5 hours.
  4. If you’re using yogurt sachet mix it will take about 10-12 hours to set. That’s it. Your homemade fresh yogurt is ready to eat. Trust me you won’t go back to store-bought yogurt once you make it at home.
Don't skip to boil the milk. It's very crucial step.

Bring the culture at room temperature to activate the good bacteria that help to set the yogurt. Otherwise it won't work or it would take a long time to set the batch.

If you like it less or more tart, you can take yogurt from container off earlier or later. Add more culture if you like more tarter taste.

So far I've had tried with whole milk and it came out perfect every time. I have no idea/experience with low-fat milk or any other non-dairy milk.
Recipe by Seven Spice at http://www.7spice.net/how-to/homemade-yogurt-with-aldi-yogurt-maker/