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Spiral Cookies Recipe

by Sonia on June 11, 2009

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This recipe is adopted from my new blogsphere friend SJ. When I saw this Spiral cookies on her blog…I fell instantly in love with it. However, I made them after long time due and finally I plucked up my courage and did it! My hubby’s eyes would start to roll when he saw these cute and beautiful cookies. ;-) And the taste is even more better and can’t find any exact word to describe it. Only people who has tried and tasted knows that how it taste like. Yeah, you need patience and hard efforts for preparing this cookies. But wait……the end result is 101% worth! We really enjoyed this cookies and will be finished off remaining ones within 2-3 days. I shall make another batch soon.

So, you can find the origin recipe straight from here. I did use Caster sugar instead of regular sugar. And I followed exactly what the recipe asks. For rolling the cookie dough, used a parchment paper. That’s all.

Thank you very much SJ!

Have a good day to all.


  • SJ

    Oh wow!! I feel like using your pictures instead they look so good!!! Thanks for trying it out. But its not my recipe I got it off a cookies book-so I cant get any credit for the recipe!! But thanks so much for trying them out! Am glad you liked them. Yes patience very much needed ~sigh~

    • Thank you SJ. Your pics are always rocking gal…:) and now credit will go to you and that book 50-50, okay? hehe…:D

      I will surely make another batch some day. :)

  • Beautiful Beautiful cookies. i would not want to eat them they look so pretty! Absolutely gorgeous pictures Sonu!

  • Patience is something I never have in the kitchen but this has been in my head for a long long time too.

  • Whooo, those look so gorgeous….my gosh, what a lovely creation!!!

  • Lovely cookies Sonu. Like Nags, I also have an eye on these cookies for long time now. Should make it.

  • I agree with you about the rolling eyes part…Sj had actually ..yeah actually sent me these cookies and every time I went to get one for myself would find a few missing and I would end up rolling my eyes at certain boys in my home.

    Your pics are really awesome and am glad you tried making them from scratch…I know its worth it. Well me…will I make it?? hmmm…am planning to get the next batch delivered from SJ if I can do that…It’s more hard work than rolling those cookies I say…

  • amazingly pro!!!

  • Thank you everyone for your lovely inputs! :)

    Sakshi: Your pics are much gorgeous of this cookies in ur blog. and u gal, planning to get more from SJ?? LOL…:) Well, it’s absolutely worth to try at home. :)

  • Wow these look great, have baked perfectly, yum yum

    • Thank you Parita.

  • Oh wow cute and tempting cookies….

    • Thank you Lubna. :)

  • First time here..Nice blog sonu…
    Those cookies look amazing….Even it is on my on-do list…looks perfect dear..
    Do visit my blog when u get time dear..

    • Welcome Prathibha! Thanks for dropping by and your kind words. I’ll visit your place very soon. :)

  • Lovely crunchy pin wheel cookies….they look tempting

    • Thanks Purva. It’s really tempting and you should try it. :)

  • These cookies look so tempting,wish I could taste one !

  • cookies look gorgeous!!

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