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Rice Pudding/Kheer Recipe

by Sonia on November 22, 2009

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Rice Pudding or Kheer. mmmm…a sweet delicacy! This traditional sweet pudding is usually made with either rice or vermicelli, prepared in every part of India during special occasions and events. This Kheer is very easy to prepare except the elaborated cooking time. The end product is just mouth-watering and satisfying to your sweet tooth. We both like really thick consistency with mild sweet flavor. This pudding tastes best after having chilled about 5-6 hours. The hint of cardamom, nutmeg and saffron gives a special taste with nice and rich cream color. This Kheer perfectly match with puffed Puri/paratha/roti and any subji or you can enjoy as it is.

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Rice Pudding/Kheer Recipe:


  • 4 cups Milk {whole milk is the best for this pudding}
  • 1/2 cup uncooked Rice {I used Jasmine rice, does work fine}
  • Sugar – to taste
  • 1/2 tsp Elaichi (Cardamom) powder
  • Nutmeg powder ~ a pinch
  • Saffron – few strands, soaked in 2 tsp warm milk
  • Almonds and Pistachio, chopped
How to:

1) Wash the uncooked rice 2-3 times and soak at least for 30 mins. In a heavy bottomed pan, bring 3 cups of milk to a boil. Add the drained rice to it and stir occasionally with your spatula or long spoon on low heat. You don’t need to keep an eye all the time. Grab a book or run other errands in meantime.

2) After 20-25 mins, you will notice that the rice become soft (but not all mushy) and overall the kheer become thick and creamier. At this time, add sugar to your taste. Give it a stir. If you feel your kheer is very thick, add some milk. I always need to add extra milk to gain perfect consistency.

3) Cook for 5-7 mins more with occasional stir. Remove from the gas and let it cool for sometime. In a small bowl, mix the remaining milk, cardamom powder, nutmeg powder and saffron milk. Add this to kheer and stir well. Once it cooled down to room temperature, chill it for at least 3-4 hours. Garnish with silvered almonds and pistachio or any nuts you love.

Enjoy with puffed poori, paratha or roti! It tastes best on next day, just heavenly!

  • Looks yummy Sonia. Even I prepared Rice Pudding with Jeera Rice. It gives good aroma to the Kheer. Really a tasty Kheer. Even I love to eat this when it is cold.

    • Jeera rice with rice pudding?! Great combo. :)

  • I heart rice pudding and yours sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing :)

    • Welcome Karine! Glad you liked it. :)

  • Simply Stunning,Sonia!Looks rich and very very tempting:)

    • Thank you Shri. :)

  • PJ

    Wow, looks delicious, Sonia, and what a beautiful picture! This one is going right to my bookmark folder :)

    • Thanks PJ. Do try as it’s very simple to make. You and your recipes rocks! :)

  • First time here……….
    Kheer looks lovely……….
    Ur blog has wonderul recipies with neat presentation
    All ur photos looks amazing

    • Welcome Aruna! Hope you had enjoyed your visit here. Thanks for your words. :)

  • chm

    Lovely pictures and presentations!! I would really like to know from where you buy all your crockery and cook-ware?? :)) Great job…and yummy kheer!

    Also have one simple question…Which chapatti flour should I use to have fluffy and soft rotlis…(talking abt gujarati rotlis) any ideas/suggestions/comments are welcome…

    (I am in USA)


    • Welcome! Thank you for your sweet words. I just randomly pick up my crockery from different stores…not any specific or fav. :)
      About your Q: I have a good experience with “Desi Atta”, “Ashirwad” and “Swarna” brand. I really like “Ashirwad”…it’s really good and 100% free from maida. You will find them at your local Indian store. All d best!
      If you have any more Q, let me know. :)

  • Cham

    Ur pic is just awesome- That is a tradionnal and excellent kheer!

  • is it coincidence or what?? u make all my fav dishes and spread a neat display of them. Will treat anil with some pudding once he is back from India…perfect treat!!

  • Wow! Such a beautiful presentation. I love these kind of simple kheers. Pass me that bowl please & I don’t even need any pooris or rotis to go along with. :))

    • Yes Suma, you can grab a bowl. :)

  • Beautiful pictures and love that color combination. The kheer stands out in that blue bowl. I like it chilled too :-)

  • love how you used jasmine rice, its such a beautiful, fragrant rice :)

    • Sala, you are right. I love Jasmine rice and we consume it in our daily intake. :)

  • The kheer in the blue bowl looks so tempting.

    • Thank you Ankita. :)

  • That looks super yummm:) Pass me that bowl:)

    • Thank you Malar. Help urself! :)

  • Hi Sonia. Both the kheer and Paneer Makhani look great and both the preparations are my all time favorites. The kheer looks very nice in the blue bowl.
    Do drop by, when time permits.

    • Thanks Pari. Will surely visit ur blog soon. :)

  • This looks very very pretty. wish I could grab some

    • Welcome Deesha! Thanks for dropping by.

  • s

    Im not much of a Kheer person…but the lovely pic make my stomach growl!!!

  • Even I prepare in a similar way..looks fantastic..loved the color of those bowls..

    • Reading all your comments…it seems like everyone does like these bowls more than kheer recipe. ;)

  • That is the prettiest kheer. I loved your use of Jasmine rice and the spectacular blue bowls.

    • Soma, you used to comment first in my earlier posts. Now, you seem have lost somewhere. How have u been gal? Thanks for sweet words. :)

  • Kya baath hai Kheer? wah wah kuch achi news :mrgreen: The pics are awesome. which camera do you have?

    Yup I got ur mail and will reply soon :smile:

    • haa…achhe news hai na…Sakshi mere dwaar par aayee hai…wo achha news hi hai na…:P :D
      I use very basic camera: Olympus M380. but it works very amazing. You can’t believe but these pics are straight from my camera. :)

  • Yummy Rice pudding…the more it looks good..in your picture..the better it must have tasted….Can I come over????
    .-= Muskaan Shah´s last blog ..Roasted Lentil Vegetable & Fruit Fusion Salad/Snack =-.

    ~ Oh yes Muskaan. Any time! :) Thank you for your words dear. It’s really has a wonderful taste! :)

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