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Rava Ladoo Recipe

by Sonia on November 8, 2010

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Hope you had a wonderful and safe diwali time. Today, I made these beauties! This is very simple to prepare but they are definitely worth to try! I know I’m posting this very late, after diwali but you can make it any time, day in a jiffy. I have prepared just today and clicked some pics. These ladoos recipe is inspired from Vcuisine blog.

I’ve made couple of changes. I didn’t add cashew powder. I have adjusted the amount of ghee as per my requirement. Despite the original recipe says to use 1 cup of ghee, I didn’t need all. My Rava Ladoo mixture was right consistency with 3/4 cup of ghee. Please adjust the mixture consistency. Stop adding more ghee when you find your Rava Ladoo mixture is good enough to bind a ball or they won’t bind easily and become lumpy. So, please be careful while adding the ghee. Try to add little by little.

Overall, recipe is very quick to make without any fuss. Try it sometime and you’ll love it. Thank you Viji Di for nice recipe.

Rava Ladoo Recipe
  • 1 C fine rava, sooji/semolina (available at Indian grocery store)
  • ½ C powdered cashew (I skipped)
  • 1 C powdered sugar (I used caster sugar, that works fine)
  • ¾ C melted ghee (less or more, please adjust)
  • ½ tsp cardamom powder
  • fistful broken cashews
  1. In a wide pan dry roast broken cashews till light golden brown color and keep aside. In same pan, dry roast rava on lowest heat, about 5-6 mins. Keep aside.
  2. Powder the sugar if you need. In a big mixing bowl, add the roasted rava, powdered sugar, powdered cashew (if using), roasted cashews and cardamom powder. Mix them well.
  3. Keep the ghee at lukewarm stage. Add it to the mixture little by little and and mix well by using your hand. Stop adding more ghee when your rava ladoo can easily bind. Start making small gooseberry sized ladoos. When the ghee is warm you can bind it easily. Don't make tight balls. It will become firm when it cools.


These ladoos goes to Nupur’s Blog Bites 9: The Holiday Buffet event. Thank you Nupur for hosting this event.

  • Rava ladoos need no reason to be made accept health check I suppose. But this little Indian balls of sweetness are one of the best defining sweet for Diwali.

    I’m glad that your sweets making is still continuing :) ’cause most of my friends have gone back hitting the gym! Thanks for the recipe.

    Have a great year ahead Sonia.

    • Sonia

      You made me a laugh. :D LOL! I’m in reverse mode but I didn’t make much sweets this diwali time so I made it on just quick idea! And yes, gym is not in my dictionary yet. ;)

      Wish you the same prosperous year ahead dear Kulsum. :)

  • Wow looks so yummy…my fav sweet too

  • Wow- they look wonderful! They really are beauties. Thanks for a delicious entry, Sonia!!

  • PJ

    yummm.. i am drooling over these ladoo pics.. as usual! Hope you had a bright fun-filled Diwali, Sonia. Ladoos look scrumptious…

  • Viji

    Thanks for trying and posting your version Sona. Look so divine and tempting :)

    Hope you had a good one. Have a great day. Viji

  • Gorgeous ladoos I must say. The pictures are fantastic.

  • Nitya

    hmmm……yum yum..

  • Apu

    Those laddoos look superb!!

  • Cham

    Happy Diwali gal! Such a nice click and lovely sweet!

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