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Chill out in summer with Shrikhand Poori!

by Sonia on February 3, 2010

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Dear Readers,

Do you like yum yum flavored yogurt? Yes…then you’ll like this Indianized flavored yogurt – Shrikhand. It’s simple Indian dessert made from strained yogurt adding sugar and spice like cardamom powder and saffron. You can add cashew, almonds, raisins or any fruit too. It is equally popular dessert among Gujarati and Maharashtrian families. It’s one of main desserts serves in auspicious occasions in Gujarati culture. I grew up eating this delicious dessert and totally love it! If you want a heavy and deep sleep, have a 2 cups of Shrikhand and Puri. You’ll feel something heavy and will have a very peaceful sleep. ;) :) We used to have this dessert in lunch time and the whole house would feel heavy and sleepy and everybody would get to sleep after having this dessert. :) Why? Because this dessert is made from yogurt and sugar and it make you to feel drowsy.

My mom usually prepare it home only. I never have had tried my hand in making Shrikhand before but I had observed very well. So, I followed her method with some changes. Sometimes she used to prepare a Amrakhand too, there is no difference but have a Mango taste. We call it ‘Mango Mattho’ in Gujarati. If you love the mango taste, just add some mango purée or small pieces of mango.

My mom still prepares it very authentic way and it’s long and intimidating process. In traditional way the yogurt would tie in muslin or cheese cloth for overnight or at least 8-9 hours. After that mix and rub sugar and yogurt in small installment in muslin cloth. She would take about 1/2 cup strained yogurt and sugar (to taste) and gently rub in muslin cloth and pass through it pressing with hand. She used to prepared like this. I know, its long process so I prepare it an alternate and easy-peasy way.

Some time ago, I got a very helpful tips from my blogger friend Coffee and since then I follow her idea. I used to hang the yogurt outside – I meant in kitchen sink or somewhere. She advised me to hang it in refrigerator instead for overnight. And her tips is always worked well. Thank you Coffee for nice tips! :)

Here it’s very simple recipe. Please note that you can adjust the sweetness level to your taste.

Shrikhand Recipe:

(serves 2 people)

What I used:

  • 500 gm. mild Yogurt, home-made or ready-made ~ I used store-bought Greek style yogurt
  • 1/2 – 3/4 Cup Caster Sugar ~ use less or more to taste
  • Few Saffron strands – soak in 1 tbsp warm milk and leave it to infuse about 1 hour.
  • 1 tsp Cardamom powder
  • Chopped nuts ~ I used Pistachio ~ you can add Charoli, almond or any.

How to:
 First, you need to make a good space in your refrigerator to hung your yogurt. Tie yogurt in muslin/cheese cloth, place a bowl under the yogurt to collect the water that will drain from yogurt. You don’t want a mess in morning, of course. Let it hang in refrigerator for 7-8 hours or overnight. You will get a thick yogurt like chakka or drained paneer and the whey has drained off.

2. Have ready the saffron soaked in warm milk and keep it aside. Now take the strained yogurt in large bowl and add the sugar little by little. Mix it with well using a big spoon. Add all the sugar and mix it well. Taste and adjust.

3. Now add the cardamom powder and saffron milk. Mix it well. Chill it in refrigerator for 2-3 hours before serving.

4. Sprinkle chopped nuts and serve with puffed Puri or plain Paratha.

Puffed Puri Recipe:

What I used:

  • 2 C Whole wheat flour/ Atta
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 2 tsp + 1 tsp Oil
  • 1 tbsp Soji/Rava/Semolina
  • Water for kneading
  • 1.5 C Oil – for deep frying

How to:

1. Mix the flour, salt, soji and oil. Rub it well. Add the water little by little about 1-2 tbsp at a time and bind the stiff dough. The dough should be stiffer than normal roti/paratha dough.

2. When your dough is foamed in ball, grease it with a tsp oil and knead it well till you get a smooth surface. Cover and let it rest for 5-10 mins only.

3. Knead the dough again and prepare a walnut sized balls before you rolling. Keep the balls ready and cover with cloth.

4. Heat oil in a deep pan preferably cast-iron kadai or wok on medium-high heat. Do NOT use any non-stick pan for deep frying. I always check the hotness of oil by dropping a pinch of dough into oil, if it come out on the surface immediately it’s ready for frying.

5. Meanwhile you can start rolling the puris. Roll the walnut sized ball into 4″ diameter just thicker than normal roti.

6. The rolling and frying both should be done simultaneously. You can fry puris one by one but fast. I can fry only 2 puris at a time. Slid the puri in hot oil and it should be puffed immediately. Use your best slotted spoon for frying. Flip it other side and fry till little brown.  Make sure you have fried the edges of puri too. Gently drain the puri and remove it on kitchen paper. Place each puri separately.

Serve hot with Shrikhand and Aloo bhaji. I made same Aloo bhaji, recipe is here but this time I didn’t add any water and tomato.


Update on 04/02/2010: I am sending this combo to Pari’s wonderful ‘The Combo’ event.

Thank you Pari for hosting this event!

  • Nitya

    Hi Sonia,
    Yummmyyyyyyyyyyy…Looks gr8 and nice click..snaps are good as always..will try this weekend..thx in advance for that..

    • Sonia

      Thanks a lot Nitya for your words dear. Do try and let me know. :)

  • This looks sooooo delicious!! Wonderful pics!
    .-= Vaishali Shama ´s last blog ..Bharvan Bhindi Masala … =-.

    • Sonia

      Welcome Vaishali and thanks for your visit. :)

  • Wooow Sonia, lovely recipe!!… and needless to say… amazing pics!!.. beautiful!.. I like your presentations and clicks so much!
    .-= Devi Meyyappan´s last blog ..Bread Pizza =-.

    • Sonia

      Thank you Devi for your lovely words. You made my day! :)

  • Yet to taste this shirkand and puri combo….pics are very tempting and making me hungry…nice new look of the blog….
    .-= Lubna Karim´s last blog ..Fresh Fruit(s) Salad With Fond Childhood Memories =-.

    • Sonia

      Thanks so much Lubna. Try this combo sometime…you’ll love it. :)

  • Droolworthy pic…..looks so creamy and delicious.

    • Sonia

      Thank you Jayashree! :)

  • That is one lovely click I ever seen…beautiful:) Love shirkand…luks incredible:)

    • Sonia

      Thanks so much Malar. Glad you liked it. :)

  • Yumm. I love Shrikhand and yes my mom also uses the muslin method like ur mom, but surely gives a creamy texture. You can surely send this to my event dear perfect combo.
    .-= Pari´s last blog ..My 100th Post Jackfruit Biryani & Raita …and an event announcement =-.

    • Sonia

      Thanks Pari for hosting this beautiful event. :)

  • Creamy dessert, cant be any better than this!
    .-= Sharmilee´s last blog ..Potato curd gravy =-.

    • Sonia

      Yeah…you’re right Sharmilee! :)

  • Shrikhand and puri..MY!!!!! awesome….totally love it!

    • Sonia

      Thanks S! :)

  • I have had the combo in a restaurant in Hyderabad. Lovely presentation.
    .-= Cilantro´s last blog ..Boondi Laddu =-.

    • Sonia

      hmm….then have this combo at home too. thanks. :)

  • trupti

    beautiful shots! Love the shrikhand..you’ve reminded me of something I haven’t made in a while. :)

    • Sonia

      Go…go Trupti. jaldi banav. :)

  • uma

    Hi Sonia,
    first time here.. beautiful presentation..

    .-= uma´s last blog ..Shikran/Ashale/Banana Dessert =-.

    • Sonia

      Welcome Uma! Thank you for visiting my place. :)

  • PJ

    wow, Sonia, you have me all ooh and aah’ing just looking at these awesome pictures! Shrikhand and poori, I used it love it so much as a kid. I didn’t like many desserts but Shrikhand and Puran poli were exceptions. Would love to see your amrakhand recipe too sometimes! awesome post.
    .-= PJ´s last blog ..A peek into the world of citrus and a refreshing winter’s bounty citrus salad! =-.

    • Sonia

      hehe…:D Thanks so much for your lovely words. :)

  • Such a coincidence!!I made Shrikhand too this past post…Shrikhand looks lovely, Sonia!
    .-= Shri´s last blog ..Mango Shrikhand with Fruits and a hint of saffron =-.

    • Sonia

      Yeah, it’s coincidence! :) Lemme check urs.

  • Oh my this is such a treat ! Reminds me of Diwali, mum always made shrikhand puri on Diwali !

    • Sonia

      Welcome Kajal! Glad you liked it. :)

  • Shrikhand looks very very delicious and mouth watering! I feel like grabbing it right away from screen!
    .-= Parita´s last blog ..Methi Na Thepla – Indian flatbread made with fenugreek leaves =-.

    • Sonia

      Thanks Parita. Yes, you can surely grab it. :)

  • You are making me hungry dear..shrikhand is my one of the favorite dessetr with puri…Pictures looks perfect and yummy..can’t wait for summer here…every Rakhi i make shrikhand,Puri and Patra….BTW i’m first time here..nice site and good recipes..

    Jai Shree Krishna..visit me if you can
    .-= Jagruti´s last blog ..Patra (Savoury and steamed colocasia leaves), kem cho gujarati series =-.

    • Sonia

      JSK Jagruti! Welcome to this place! I saw Patra recipe on ur blog…such a tempting! Thanks so much for your kind words. Keep visiting. :)

  • Viji

    It’s tempting Sona. What a simple and comfort dessert to go with the puffed puris. Just love it. Feel like visiting your place :) Viji

    • Sonia

      Aww…nice to see you back Viji Di! :) I’m so glad to read your feedback. :) I really wish you could visit me some day. :) Yes, it’s very easy dessert to prepare and really yummy too.

  • aruna

    That’s a lovely gujju cuisine….loved the way u arranged them in those tiny bowls!!

    • Sonia

      Welcome Aruna! Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you liked it. :)

  • Those are some great clicks Sonia. This is my first time here & I mus days – You have a lovely blog here :)

    .-= Siri´s last blog ..Fried Cauliflower =-.

    • Sonia

      Siri, you already been here before. remember Nupur’s marathon race? :) Though, thanks for visiting again and your words too. :)

  • Cham

    Gosh I love that creamy dessert but i cannot eat with pooris. I will help myself with two or three servings!
    Btw:I didn’t get any of ur posts, I will update my reader.

    • Sonia

      Cham, check next time my updates. If you still didn’t get any then you need to update your reader or re-feed my website.
      Thanks for your lovely words dearie! It seems you have a pretty big sized sweet tooth. :)

  • Oh me, my, GODDD!! THAT Sonia looks like heaven in a bowl … and served with puris! (Falls down, is getting lifted to that plate of shrikhand, puris … will have the potato bhaaji too, please:D)
    .-= Sheetal´s last blog ..Sweet Nothings … SHF #61 =-.

    • Sonia

      hehe…:D Sure you’ll have this combo. Wish I could pass to you! :)

  • Hummm…feels celebrations here, again very nice pictures..I just love the creamy dessert..what an indulgence..cant make it everyday so make myself happy eating, fatfree yoplait..
    .-= Muskaan Shah´s last blog .."Methi Paak" Fenugreek Barfi A Sweet Winter Delicacy =-.

    • Sonia

      Thank you! :)

  • Love Shrikand. I could have it anytime although it’s better chilled in Summer. Looks lovely.
    Nice to you at my blog, I have been blogging since July 2006. Hope to see you there again! :)
    .-= Asha´s last blog ..Hearty Broccoli with Creamy Parmesan-Pepper sauce, Bhakri-Pithla, Chana Dalia Chaat, Superbowl platter. =-.

    • Sonia

      Welcome Asha! Nice to see you here too. Will visit ur blog regularly. Thanks. :)

  • jalpa

    hi sonia nice presentation..after read this recipe i feel really hungry..

    • Sonia

      Welcome and thanks Jalpa. :)

  • Hey Sonia, Long time… wow, good job on the site. Great pics as usual and nice recipe too.
    Again, congrats on your launch of this food site. talk to you soon.

    • Sonia

      Welcome back Priya! I’m glad you liked my new site. Thanks for your lovely words. :)

  • lovely clicks Sonia..I am already drooling..perfect dessert :)
    .-= Deepa G Joshi´s last blog ..101st Post with Apple Strawberry Shake and some awards !! =-.

    • Sonia

      Thanks Deepa. :)

  • i just had my unch and see you made me hungry once again, that platter full of yummy food is looking so tempting that i want to grab it right away from my computer:)

    • Sonia

      Welcome Preety! Thanks for stopping by. Thank you for your words too. Keep visiting. :)

  • Hi Sonia..What an incredibly tempting picture! I don’t think I have visited you before, must say your pictures are superb!..keep going.
    .-= Srivalli´s last blog ..Almond Cashew powder ~ Indian Basics for Cooking =-.

    • Sonia

      Welcome back Srivalli! Yes you have been here before. You did leave your comment on Diwali greetings here. :) Well, thanks so much for your encouragement and words. :)

  • I love that you posted this yogurt. I strain yogurt about 3X a week. The only way I like it is very thick like a brick. This saffron yogurt sounds delicious, must try it. I too eat my yogurt before bed, might be why I sleep so well :)

    • Sonia

      Glad you also love this dessert. Yes, after having this dessert you will have a sound sleep. :)

  • First time here.U got awonderful space with a lot of delicious recipies…nice clicks too

    • Sonia

      Welcome Shahana! Thanks a lot for your appreciative words. Keep visiting. :)

  • Shilpa

    Droolworthy pics…my first time on your website.Will check back from time to time now.Loved all the recipes.Where can I buy some of your boat shaped casseroles/white desrt dinnerware?

    • Sonia

      Welcome Shilpa! Thank you for visiting.
      For dinnerware/bowls – check your local kitchen appliances stores/market and even Chinese shops. I randomly pick up from different stores. :)

  • Sonia, You are so sweet for stopping by my FB page and leaving a comment over there. On my blog you can access the comments on the top or the bottom of the post. Just under the title there is a place to click and at the very end of the post it says “# responses leave one :) If it is not clear please let me know so we can work on design.
    Have a great day! xo
    .-= marla {Family Fresh Cooking}´s last blog ..Skinny Citrus Fizz (Soda) =-.

  • Hi Sonia,

    Shrikhand looks yummy.. You remembered my old golden days of my childhood.. My grandma always prepares Puri with Shrikhand. I love to eat it.. I did not try this recipe after my marriage.. Thanks for the recipe Sonia..
    .-= Hema´s last blog ..Eggless Chocolate Cake =-.

  • oh man this looks delicious and is the best combination of sweet and savoury. i love puri with a sweet side.

    • Sonia

      Thank you Rajani. I am glad so many people are like me…love this combo. :)

  • I love the flavours in this yoghurt. Reminds me of something I had in a Pakistani restuarant in London. I use a handy little self contained strainer that I bought on Amazon.com for making yogurt cheese. Feel free to email me for the link if you wish. It stores neatly in the fridge and clean up is easier than washing out the cheesecloth. YOur blog is beautiful. I am glad I found you:-)

    • Sonia

      Welcome Wizzythestick! I am glad too to find you here. I just check your blog…it’s awesome and beautiful place you have! :)
      Thanks so much for your lovely words. I hope you had a nice time here and many thanks for offering me a link. Keep visiting. :)

  • wow…came to your blog through Foodelicious… and this is delicious !
    I even love your photography !

    • Sonia

      Welcome Lopa! Thanks for your visit. and many thanks for your sweet words. Keep coming. :)

  • Your posts always show me that you really have some indepth knowledge about this. Quite a valuable read i must say

    • Sonia

      Thanks Mohammad for stopping by!

  • shrinkhand with puri,..;-)

  • Leena Goutam

    Hey Sonia…

    1st timer here – glad I landed on your site !
    Lovely pics – will try the shrikhand soon…

    Thanks for sharing
    Leena Goutam

    • Sonia

      Hi Leena,
      Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you liked my space. You can subscribe my blog for more upcoming recipes. Just look at the upper right side, there are small icons to subscribe via email or reader. Many thanks! Keep visiting. :)

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  • This is very interesting, You are a very skilled blogger.
    I have joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking more of your great post.

    Also, I’ve shared your website in my social networks!

    • Sonia

      Thank you Margherita for your kind words. Appreciate it! :-)

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