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Gajar na Muthia Recipe

by Sonia on June 7, 2010

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For muthia, I’ve been experimenting vegetables one by one. After my successful story with Zucchini Muthia, this time I tried with carrots. Actually, I bought some zucchini for my muthia plan because, at that time, my level of marginal utility for muthia was high! :) I prepared everything on counter for muthia preparation and opened fridge for zucchini. gosh! my zucchini had gone! They were no more in zucchini shape but like a messy mashed potato. Yuck! And I forced myself to throw them away in bin. Oh God! Now how can I make my muthia? Despite my zucchini left me, I became more determined to make this, anyhow. There were 2 medium carrots were left and looking sadly at me and wondering if I’m gonna to use them instead. OK! I’ll try carrots today.

Needless to say, that was yummiest version of muthia. This is third time I tried. So, I thought I would share with my readers too. If you can’t find bottle guard/doodhi or zucchini, don’t worry! the carrots are there for you!! :)

I followed the same recipe what I prepared for zuccini muthia. Please follow the recipe here. You just need to replace grated carrots instead. In addition, I added some leftover Alu subji/Potato curry. Feel free to use any leftover subji if you have any.


Note: I strongly recommend you to let your steamed muthia cool down completely. At least for 5-6 hours. Your muthia will be nice that way even if you’ve used just a tsp oil in tadka.

A warm Carrot Muthia with tea!

  • Looks delicious…nice pics

    ~ Thanks Priti.

  • Looks so very good. Has been in my to do list for a long time. The next zucchini will become a muthia.

    ~ Thanks Indo! Do try it now and let me know how’s your experience. :)

  • Love anything with carrots….this sounds yum and interesting new recipe to me :)

    ~ Ah Sharmilee, you’re just like me! :) This muthia does taste superb and is a chatpata snack.

  • i like this dish bravo !! PIerre de Paris

    ~ Thanks Pierre. Good to see you here again. :)

  • Muthia is new to me, Sonia, and I love the story of the poor forlorn carrots becoming the lovely snack/dinner :)

    I will definitely try it!

    ~ Yes Linda, go ahead. You’ll love it. :)

  • I have been meaning to try muthias for ever. With carrot it is totally new. Looks delicious.

    ~ RC, it’s time to make it. Thanks! :)

  • Apu

    Delicious looking muthia!! Its been a year since I last made these.

    ~ Thanks Apu. Make it now. :)

  • PJ

    you are a clever girl, Sonia! never would have thought about making muthia with carrot.. but now that i see this yummy picture, i think why not :)

    ~ :) Yes, necessity is the mother of invention! :D

  • Hi Sonia, those muthias look really superb, wish I could grab the plate.

    ~ Thanks Pari. Help urself for muthia. :)

  • wow u have such an interesting repertoire of dishes…love visiting ur space…as for this muthia it sounds facinating…

    ~ Good to see you here Sheba. Thanks for your lovely comment. :)

  • wow muthia looks delcious…would love with a cup of tea…..yummmmm..awesome clicks and servers….
    first time here…u have a lovely space…just started blogging..and love to add u in my list..
    ur comments/suggestions r highly appreciated..happy blogging…following u>>>>>>


    ~ You’re welcome Sanyukta! Thanks for visiting here. Will get back to you soon. :)

  • Nitya

    wow…here is one more taste of muthia..it amazing idea…and looking pretty delicious..

  • Both the zucchini and the carrot versions sound wonderful!! xo

  • muthia sounds new to me..looks pretty n delicious…beautiful pics too…yum!

  • The muthia looks delish. I love Muthias. My mom used to make them and I made spinach muthias this weekend with tart mango chutney.

  • Cham

    Very pretty and healthy snack, got to try with zucchini, the carrot gave such a vibrant color!

  • I love the carrots here. But I love the zucchini muthia too! yum!

  • these looks yum. definitely bookmarked!

  • this dish looks so good! Yummy.

  • never made muthias… but been thinking of for long. i like innovating with stuff on hand always comes up with interesting combinations, i like the idea of carrots in muthias.

  • Hey Sonia,
    Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and also for the encouraging words. No have no idea how much those lines mean to me and inspire me.
    Just saw your blog and loving every bit of what I’m seeing :-)
    Hope to stay in touch and keep up the good work!

  • I loveeeeeeeee muthiyas..mom used to make doodhi ones..bookmarked!!
    Gorgeous pictures!

  • Madhavi

    OMG amazing muthia chhe, love it :))

  • Jagruti

    Hi Sonia
    Gajar na muthia saras lage che..perfect with tea. I too, add carrots in many dishes, to bring out more sweetness in the dish or just like you,add anyway and use it up…

  • First time at your blog…it is a great space to read. Love this muthia recipe.

    You will see me often here now.

  • Nice to be here. Lovely presentation and yummy recipes. Muthias remind me of Rajasthan my native, where it is a regular evening snack. Thanks for sharing new version.

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