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by Sonia on April 12, 2009


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My name is Sonal but sometimes my husband affectionately calls me Sonia. I’ll be fine with either Sonal or Sonia. I’m a countryside girl, from Gujarat state, west-coast of India, currently live in beautiful city of Eastern Australia.

The main concern to start this food blog is to share and expand my culinary knowledge. My hubby and I are great food lover (lacto-ovo-vegetarian, though) and love to taste different cuisine from all over the world. Though, I was not a regular cook before marriage and never have had big fan of any cookery show but after getting married, things and life has been changed! The other day, I met an accident and stumbled into wonderful food bloggers’ world and since then I dug my hidden passion and love into food.

You might have noticed that some of my recipes are elaborate to follow but I love the authentic taste and always interested for maintaining the roots. As we are very far from our motherland, I always try to keep alive our customs, culture, food and festivals by heart. Well, I have learned all the authentic dishes from my Mom, Grandma, MIL, some favourite cookbooks, and some of them are serendipitous while cooking.

The recipes shared in this website are tested in our kitchen and suit our taste buds perfectly. I am no expert by any means but the recipes posted on this site are tried and enjoyed by my family. I prepare every dish with lots of love, affection and care. We cherish and enjoy our dishes and some dishes are very close to our hearts and some are attached with sweet memories of our life. The measurements of ingredients in each recipe are not to be taken literally as everyone’s taste buds are vary. So, please adjust them to suit your palate. If you tried a recipe and added some variations, feel free to share it with us and others.

I can be contacted via e-mail at blog7spice{at}gmail{dot}com or leave your message here.


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